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Fair Election

Jane, thank you for all your great info. Many of us wish we lived in New Hampshire right now. In reference to the first family, in my lifetime there has not been anything that came close. RP does not have to talk about family values, instead he can simply say, "meet my family." Says it all.

Question: Has there been any talk in NH from RP supporters about what can be done to make certain polling is not compromised? Diebold machines, uncounted votes and such.

There is still much talk about the last two presidential elections being rigged and both Kerry and Gore getting ripped. Personally, I became so cynical that I doubted there would ever be a fair election again and thought the globalists just pick their candidate, give him his marching orders and then see that he is elected. Point: I don't want to be this cynical. I want Ron Paul as President. Is there anything we can all be doing now to insure our vote is counted accurately. Better to be proactive now. Thoughts?