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Yeah, That's what DEMONS

want you to believe! they are here to save you. Yeah, sure demons/tares. You only have ONE saviour and it's not an alien people! It is your creator, and you were created IN HIS IMAGE. The decievers/tares/fallen ones have decieved all thru lies deciet, manipulation, ommission ect. They do this because they are doomed and have nothing left to lose, and want to take as many of us with them as they can. They have even changed the words of The MOST HIGH, including HIS HOLY NAME. Which was NOT A LATIN NAME hint hint ( Jesus ) HIS HOLY NAME IS YAHUWAH. Check into pronuciation of this name. I believe it to be pronounced YA-HOO-AH. In the flesh it was YAHUSHUA. Research these names for yourself. Don't buy into the alien lie.