Comment: Where is the TERRORISM?

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Where is the TERRORISM?

Let's all get real for just one moment, please.

There is NO REAL Muslim, Al Qaeda terrorist organization with plans to kill Americans. At least not beyond the few lone nuts. And here is how I KNOW.

Think IRA, Irish Republican Army. These folks did some serious damage, shooting, bombing, kidnapping you name they did it and over and over again.

If there really was any real TERRORIST THREAT you would not have to watch television to know about it. You would have experienced it first hand or have a family member who did.

If what O'really, our presidents most of Congress and half the talk show host on the radio were correct about Muslim terrorist there would actually be terrorism on the streets of America. And I mean weekly. There would be bombings, snippings, fires set, etc.

Look what the D.C. Sniper accomplished in the name of terror. Look what the Speedway Bomber accomplished in the name of terror. Look throughout history a single individual can inflict massive amounts of terror.

But there are no weekly, monthly or even annual attacks.

My point here is it really does not matter if the Major at Ft. Hood was a lone nut or an Islamic Extremist trained by Al Qeada. It's all bogus.

THERE IS NO TERRORIST THREAT. Only criminal threats both from abroad and here at home.