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Comment: That the world is round was first a "conspiracy theory"

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That the world is round was first a "conspiracy theory"

All the "proof" of the day said the proponents were crazy.
The same with helocentricity when it was first proposed.

America is in her last two minutes as a viable nation and one may remain politically correct and go along silently to her death or one may speak a truthful alternative to power, the same power that allowed the inside job/false flag by CIA/Mossad on the eleventh of September 2001.

I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees under fascism.

Fascism is the merging of corporation and government where profits are kept by the elite but loses are paid by the people.

Finally, I believe Ron Paul is a good and honest man with good people supporting him. But if we don't speak truth to power now - there may not be a country left in 2012 for him to become president of!

My title was deliberately loaded to get people to look at the MSM as NOT telling us the truth about Fort Hood or anything else that is leading us to a new world order under the privately owned international banking cartel lead by Rothschild - called the World Bank and where SDR's not dollars will be used in America.

Peace, truth, love.