Comment: Although I have the same suspicions as you

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Although I have the same suspicions as you

my suspicions do not translate into belief. I went back (way below) and read your evidence consisting of early Internet traffic after/during the incident(s) but first impressions, especially by non-witnesses, are wrong often enough to make them a generally poor quality of evidence. If you pinned your theory on such evidence, maybe you should have included it in the original post.

I'm not one to "believe" any version, whether MSM, Internet account, or my own hypotheses. I heartily encourage further investigation through all channels possible.

Here's one hypothesis that would support the official version: The semi-automatic pistol used by the shooter fires a very high-velocity rifle round with high penetration power. A single round could wound several people, especially if passing through flesh only. If troops were standing or seated in bunched formation, this might explain how one shooter could wound so many people in the few seconds before he could realistically be stopped. Further, the rounds of this weapon can easily penetrate most LE body armor so armored SWAT team members would be as susceptible as the troops to injury. What remains questionable in this case would be the obvious duration of the event. How could Hassan have remained armed and shooting on an huge army base till the SWAT team showed up from the nearby town?

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