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"Fort Hood was a false flag by CIA/Mossad, Hasan is the patsy.

Commentary: "

The term Commentary is widely accepted as a way to express that following text or speech is a matter of opinion and not to be taken as fact.

So it is obvious that you are angry over this poster's decision to place it directly below the title rather then in the title. Your reasoning is that you want to protect Dr. Paul from bad publicity of someone who has a personal opinion about the events at Fort Hood.

Now if your going to imply that simply creating a title on this web site will create bad publicity, then you also directly infer that said article will be read. As a result any possible new viewers will read, directly upon entering this page that the original post is, as it says it is, COMMENTARY.

My suggestion for the original poster is to completely ignore this WCU4Paul character, and continue exercising his first amendment rite in any way he pleases.