Comment: Mark Carney, Head of the Bank of Canada

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Mark Carney, Head of the Bank of Canada

Has continuously followed the Federal Reserve in maintaining artificially low interest rates since the fall of the (fake) economy.
I should point out at this time that he was a former Goldmann Sachs employee, who mentored under Hank Paulson.
The going argument among conservatives up here is that, a weakened Canadian Dollar (CDN) is better for our economy because with a weaker dollar Americans can buy more of our products.
Basically we are helping to hide the great fall of the American economy by devaluing our Dollar.
This process of artificially low rates, and their justifying arguments have been heard around the Western Powers, each time being directed to the local residents.
Unfortunately for academically challenged leaders (keynesians), they neglect to point out to the people of the Western Nations that the Americans are broke.
In effect, the Titanic is sinking and we'll help out by taking on some of their water. - The online resource for the Hand Made Society