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I had considered joining

I had considered joining facebook, but a friend warned me off from doing it. He said he had joined facebook and used it to re-connect with old highschool classmates he hadn't seen or heard from for many years and had found some on facebook who he was really glad he found and re-connected with because he could not find them on classmates, myspace or any other site.
However, he said that apparently, he had sent what facebook calls an "unsolicited message" to a woman from his old highschool that he remembered well, but she did not remember him at all and she complained about it to facebook saying she was sent an unwanted message by a stranger and his facebook account became disabled, permanently it appears. He contacted facebook to plead his case that he didn't do or say anything wrong, he had just sent a nice friendly message talking about how he had remembered her so well even after so many years, but to no avail. Seems he was banned by facebook for good with no second chance. He was angry and upset and also depressed because he had no way to get back in contact with his old highschool friends that he'd re-connected with on facebook, he hadn't thought to get alternate contact info from them, so now he has no way to get back in touch with the ones who were only on facebook and nowhere else. Needless to say, he hates facebook now because he cannot believe people can be banned so easily for such small things. I guess if someone sends you a message on facebook who you've never heard from before previously, and you don't like them for whatever reason, or you want to just be a jerk, you can complain and get that person banned easily from facebook for good.
After he told me that, I figured, best not to even try to get on facebook, because I'd probably want to look up old highschool and college classmates too, and the same thing might happen to me, that happened to him. I figure best to save myself the aggravation.