Comment: I can't do it either the whole thing is just too creepy

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I can't do it either the whole thing is just too creepy

-The government spying, databasing and profiling
-The voyeurism
-Your whole life on display
-Weird people you don't even know knowing where you are and everything you do or say
-The possibility of stupid and/or blackmailing friends/enemies posting incriminating/embarrassing photos of you
-Employers using it to screen applicants and censure or fire current employees ( I have HR friends that say they do exactly that)
-The incessant viral quizzes, pokes and games that "innocently" want to tap into all your information and friends list
-The farming your information out to third parties for who knows what
-The archiving of your information even if you delete it or delete your account
-The enigmatic user agreement that appears to say they own anything and everything you post or others post about you.

The whole thing just feels slimy and deceptive but they know people will sign on because humans are such social creatures and just have to reconnect with friends. Even I couldn't resist...for shame. Though, from the get go I have kept it a bare bones page, name and alternative email address only. If people want to contact me they can reach me there. I refuse to post anything more on that site, and even that is probably way too much.

It sucks too because in a perfect world that would be a fun tool to interact with friends and share interests and life with people. You can see the slumbering masses having a great time with it, unconcerned about the dirty hands their info passes through or the prying eyes that see. I guess it's true, ignorance is bliss.