Comment: Ahh, faceCIAbook

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Ahh, faceCIAbook

Oops, did I just say that :-)

I've gone back to Facebook in the last few months (originally started using it in my business). I try to use it as a tool for good. I've been conducting an experiment where I very subtly try to introduce freedom/liberty type concepts into everyday conversation.

One area of success has been the 'piggy flu' - I think most of my "friends" are starting to realise that the whole thing is a giant scam and that the H1N1 vaccine is a definite no-no.

If I am too overt in my views though, such as saying anything against the great Messiah/Pharaoh Obama, then I will get jumped upon. So subtle is the word. To tell the truth though, I agree with paul4won's post - the whole thing feels very 'disconnected'.

Sometimes I think we should all open up several fake Facebook accounts each and talk B.S. to each other all day long. Maybe that'll overheat and blow the NSA's computers? But then, their supercomputers are currently dealing in multi-petaflops (thousands of trillions of calculations per second).