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Comment: I don't think that's talking about the same idea.

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I don't think that's talking about the same idea.

A conspiracy to try to influence public policy in order to make money, I wouldn't call "evil." It's what most people would do if they had the chance. A person might vote for a politician because he's promising taxing the rich in order to give him a social program. There may be a conspiracy of people pushing to raise the minimum wage. There is a conspiracy of poor people all around the country pushing for socialized healthcare. In the same way, a businessman will try to influence what laws that keep other businesses from competing with him. But I wouldn't call them evil. They're not trying to hurt people. They're just people that want to use government in order to get something for nothing. Their goal is not to hurt people, even though they do hurt people in the pursuit of their actual goal which just just to get free stuff. An evil person hurts people just for the sake of hurting them. That's where the Alex Jones-type conspiracy theorists go wrong, thinking that there are elites conspiring to kill them or enslave them just for the hedonistic satisfaction of it. I think at the worst, people who seek to influence law to get free benefits are trying to ignore that it might hurt people in order to protect their conscience. They're not evil.