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"A conspiracy to try to

"A conspiracy to try to influence public policy in order to make money, I wouldn't call "evil." "

I would call it evil. There is a HUGE portion of of voters than do not do this(or at least intend to do this). Most of the support for socialized medicine is done altruisitically by rich liberals who want to help poor people. Stealing money through the state for PERSONAL and not PUBLIC benefit is evil. The people who lobbied for war to line their coffers are evil.

I don't ascribe to the Alex Jones theory of eugenics and all that, but I will say that a lot of the people on top are simply common criminals(just listen to the LBJ and Nixon recordings). While it is true that there might a idealistic notion behind the "anything to get World Government" endgame for the globalists, nothing can excuse their methods.

Ventura 2012