Comment: Justin-David: Sholtas <--- hope that's right.

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Justin-David: Sholtas <--- hope that's right.

South Dakota Delegate

Setup: We had talked for prob an hour about the strawman the night before. He was very interested... I'll bet this guy jumped on his laptop and surfed his brains out... that's why I laughed to start with... he like picked up and plugged it in pretty quick. (I say "for the record" so he slows down to make sure he gets his name right... legal or lawful etc... lol)

Without further adue: 15 minutes or a shining star on the horizon?

United Colonies of America - interesting thought. Peaceful change. Peaceful revolution. In fact that's the only R3VoLUTion that will work! (The other kind most of us won't make it through I fear...)