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naivete' being expressed in this thread. Hopefully that is all it is.

Ignorance of history, ignorance of human nature; particularly the nature of those driven to seek power.

Also, perhaps some "projection"(hate to use that, hate psycho-babble labels), projecting ones own thoughts, feelings and motivations on others.

Obama well meaning, any politico well meaning? Who knows, these people are complete strangers to us. Complete strangers that have millions of dollars to spend and hundreds of experts working to make them appear concerned and well meaning to the masses. Well meaning, maybe, but the odds based on history are not good.

More damage is done by the well intentioned?

When a meglomanical psychopath is directly responsible for the deaths of 50 million people was it caused by the well intentioned if the psychopath means well in his evil mind?

That type scenario has played out countless times in recorded history. In the 20th century it played out 3 times in a BIG way.

Another good one, expressed on the Daily Paul no less.

Paraphrasing-It is not bad or evil when most people, as most are wont to do, use collective influence to get good stuff for free at the expense of those that shun getting things they haven't earned. It is not bad or evil because they do not mean to hurt anyone.

?? WOW!

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in