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oooh ooh oooo

me first

Please share with us your fee schedule and proof of payment from any government body that has accepted and then paid you for your fees.

Please share a copy of the check (you can white out the account numbers and personal info) Also, make sure you include the name of the city, police station, courthouse, state or whoever accepted this

Also, where did you deposit the check? If you did not use a bank, where did you cash this check?

One last one, can you share with us your proof that you are a corporation? Corporations are governened by the state of incorporation, so please share with us what state has made you a corporation, where we can look this up, and what your articles of incorporation say, due to the fact you were incorporated at birth, who filled out your articles of organization and where is this filed?

Please be as specific as possible and make sure to include where these corporations are filed and what juristiction they belong to. For example, my company: The Sniffing Out Liars Foundation, Inc. is registered with the Secretary of State in California.