Comment: With Cops - The worst thing

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With Cops - The worst thing

With Cops - The worst thing you can do is whip our your chattle tag (DL) with these guys. That creates the contract... but it's not the physical license that does the trick.

It is an "ancient system of pledging" - you consent to a contract with the officer when you give him your last name and your date of birth.

1) You do NOT have a last name. You have a family name. My lawful name is Christian-Edward. You do NOT ever give out your FAMILY name... in fact it is considered DISRESPECTFUL to ask for it. He should know (in an ancient feudal system) what family you hail from!

2) You do not know your date of birth. Whatever you say is at least second person here-say. You were a newborn baby all gooey and chit... how the heck are you gonna know which end is up let alone what time/day it is???

Here's the easy way for Me to understand it. You do what works for you. First off the cop has disrespected you by asking you for your last name - he should be asking what family you are from with ALL due respect. If he disrespects you and you allow the disrespect - you grant authority.

Date of birth - real simple... if you say it you're LYING.