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Have not been paid a dime

Have not been paid a dime yet as I haven't actually billed anyone yet. Still working through the process (60 day old Sovereign) and I need to get this stuff online (videos) tonight. I have managed to get through the "Accepted For Value" method which is a bit of something to chew on:

Once you've filed a UCC 1 form (Which secures your assets)
File a Power of Attorney - Over the all capital corporate YOU.

The power of attorney basically calls the court's bluff. The court must say that the all cap name is YOU - to deny the Power of Attorney. Simple - you can't be power of attorney over yourself. You PRESENT yourself.

You do not re-present yourself - re - presenting creates the fictional copy of you. Sorry for the ADHD will read more of your comment :-)

The power of attorney also makes you the trustee of the assets, everything the strawman had in possession (most is not owned) and... the TRUST. The trust is set up for you because basically the government confiscated - which means "to take without clear lawful authority" - your great grandparents money. The trust was part of the deal for it to squeeze through the legislature (SEE HJR 192)

With trustee power - you can allocate funds (just digits it's not money) to "Accept For Value" presentments. ANYTHING a corporation sends you that says that you owe them money. - The corporation then is supposed to (just sent mine out about a week ago) CREDIT your account - and pay DOWN the National Debt... the reason the Nat Debt is skyrocketing is because we've been doing it the wrong way since 1933!