Comment: Facebook has been good to me.

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Facebook has been good to me.

I have connected with a lot of C4L people and exchange ideas. I have Lew Rockwell, Adam Kokesh, Tom Woods and Michael on my list as well as groups for Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente and more.

I have connected with delegates, and other people in other states for the cause of liberty. I have a direct line to my sister in Kuwait and all my family in Miami, Washington State, North Carolina and Indiana.

I have converted many friends through educational posts and have learned a bit from them too.

Yeah, there are plenty of jackasses that want you to play Mafia Wars and Farmville...

There are also folks that do nothing but talk about themselves...but all in all it has been a pretty good medium for me

I take a lot of what I get on the Daily Paul and post it to my wall where I can expose some of the sleeping people to our Alarm Clock!

I think email is a thing of the past...Facebook is more functional.


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