Comment: You're not getting my point.

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You're not getting my point.

Me not saying that a person that committed some given crime is not evil, is not the same thing as saying they did not do something wrong.

My point is that an evil person does something wrong BECAUSE it's wrong. The intent itself is evil. The non-evil criminal does something wrong as a mere means to an end.

The term "evil" should be reserved for the most reprehensible of all acts, and the most reprehensible acts are those that are done with the INTENTION of causing human suffering. A person that robs you solely for the purpose of enriching himself is not evil. A person that robs you for the purpose of causing you to suffer is evil. See the difference?

If you throw the term "evil" around too liberally, to mean any time someone does something wrong it loses it's usefulness. To go around calling everyone "evil" that has done something wrong or supports government intervention where you don't "evil" is ridiculous. Doing something wrong does not make a person evil.

I'm not providing "philosophic cover" to anybody. A person that robs another should be arrested and go to jail, regardless of what his intent was.