Comment: bill o is a tool

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bill o is a tool

but in his defense, i really don't think he was saying it b/c he meant it. he was just trying to get the judges opinion...little does he know that the opinion of the judge can't be divorced from what the constitution says.

He just like everyone else that isn't in our little group. The constitution says one thing and you can have a completely separate opinion. I think that's their definition of democracy. If its popular eno0ugh who cares what the constitution says, its just and old irrelevant document.

I don't think this is as damning as the poster would like to make it out to be. A) because Bill O has or never would be supportive of anything but the warmongering neoconservative positions. B) because this is what most people the constitution is quaint and we should respect its historical significance but it doesn't apply.

The real question is....Are thy really that wrong. Who does care about the constitution? Do they really make a difference on what goes on in Washington?

DC is nothing more than a bunch of liars running around doing what ever it takes to get elected...same thing goes for any pundit. Just the pundit is looking for vote via the dollars. Bill O hits the top ten most watched cable new programs twice, That just goes to show you how popular people that think like him are.