Comment: The trials are a good idea THEY'RE THE ONLY IDEA.

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The trials are a good idea THEY'RE THE ONLY IDEA.

These phonies are scared to death these guys are going to spill the beans or be so absolutely inept and obviously tortured into these admissions that A REAL COURTROOM WILL SEE THE FRAUD.No grand juries, which is where this should have gone to immediately. God that makes my blood boil. We do not torture. Whether you folks want to hear it or not 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, THE FORENSICS DO NOT LIE. Go to,
Check this link
READ WHAT IT SAYS. 9/11 was the lynch pin for The 9/11 Commission Fraud, they said themselves it was BS, hell they wrote three books about it. We got extraordinary rendition, the military commissions act ( as in we'll house em, torture em refuse them counsel and let a military tribunal determine their fate. Great deal if your a real perpetrator living in the US, your off the hook cause we're looking for dust in the wind. We got the "Patriot Act" gun legislation, a HUGE FED THEFT, interesting how all this came about right after 9/11. If you believe for one second these bastards weren't sitting around talking about how 9/11 was going to end the Constitution, give healthcare exclusivelyt to big brother, give banks to big brother and in all probability the food you eat your nuts.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow