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that's no simulator...

The framework you were given to build on was actually a virus.

It froze up my processor. It gets stuck looping on its only function, inflate(), while its Bernank.exe co-opted my hardware to have processes from foreign IPs take system priority! It took only 100 million cycles for my cpu to crunch to a halt working in less than 2% of its usual capacity.

Good thing it's all open source, though. Roll back to version 19.13x and do not install any more upgrades. Heck, I thought development was in the right direction around version 18.35x, but its veered off course when they hired the new developers after...the coworker incident. I mean, have you see how many shared resources are in the latest .08x patch? It can't last!

If you're not up for the rollback and reformat, buzz is the 1207 patch author re-released the original. That guy knows the man pages by heart. I wonder what he'll make next...

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