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Comment: It's so easy to sit back and

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It's so easy to sit back and

It's so easy to sit back and snipe when you have nothing to gain or lose. Rand is playing strategy in order to win an election. Winning elections is completely different than having principles. If you are so appalled by this idea then you should re-think your support of Dr. Paul, after all in order to help get elected he enlisted the aid of the Neocon's God himself, Ronald Reagan.

Simply put b/c of her popularity and good instincts on a number of issues, Palin is someone worth reaching out to in order to see if a partnership is viable or not.

One will never know until one tries. Paul moving towards Palin may not be as much of the 'sell-out' as Palin moving towards Paul and repudiating the Neocon right. We will find out. Palin's support would bring a bunch of new faces to the RP movement and give us a better opportunity to change their minds about the important issues.


Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under. -- H.L. Mencken

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