Comment: Why would a king spend all his time writing letters to scribes?

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Why would a king spend all his time writing letters to scribes?

You guys just enjoy the court system. Oh, and charging people money to get them wrapped-up in it too.
I had a chance this weekend to dedicate another 4.5 hours to this subject (that makes close to 300 hours of study in all). It's all BS. None of these guys have ever caused a cop or public employee to lose their jobs. None of these guys has ever convinced a judge to "play fair". And none of them has ever been recognized as anything more than a kook or annoyance in court. But they can sure spin a yarn. It's all tough-talk and paperwork. But, there is one good thing (from the organizers perspective),: it keeps good patriots chasing their tails and at odds with people while making effective monitoring of their activities and possessions a snap. If they only knew that they were spending their days consumed in the EXACT same activity as thousands and thousands of people in prison are consumed in--the never-ending legal tailchase---they might not think of themselves as quite so free.
I haven't heard much from our last batch of losses on this. I'm sure they're either in jail or neck deep in paperwork by now. I wish you guys would quit marketing here.