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Comment: You ever wish

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You ever wish

that someone ( be it the Judge or someone else) would climb over OReilly's desk and just start pummeling him, as soon as BO sticks his finger in their face?
Just a total Geraldo moment where chairs start flying, O'Reilly gets one across the bridge of the nose, etc..

God forbid that the judge bring up the supreme law of the land to Mr. Pinhead. It is all about emotionalism, and sensationalism, and the constitution be damned. It is only useful when it is for THEIR purposes.

Much of this is being taught in the military, and other circles, is that the Constitution is a "dated" document, and doesn't apply to modern day circumstances.

The judge is so cool in the face of idiocy though. I did have a brief fantasy of him diving over the desk and grabbing BillO by his designer lapels, and proceed to giving him a brisk slapping about the head and shoulders.