Comment: Idiots

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This to all of you below:

All of you whining and making a big about this are idiots. If Rand says, "Hey, want to support my bid for Senate?" and she agrees, there's no harm done.

Asking for support doesn't mean you're going to compromise your own values. Just like when that Stormfront guy was donating to Ron Paul and Paul kept the money saying, "Heck I can put it to better use." Accepting someone's support does not imply a moral sanction to their actions or beliefs. Like Alex Jones supports Ron Paul does not mean Paul in any way shape or form endorses Alex Jones beliefs, or O'Reilly, or Hannity, or whoever else.

Just like we're all from different backgrounds and have different ideas, and I think a whole heck of a lot of you are complete dolts (not all of you, but quite a few after reading this backlash), it doesn't mean that Ron or Rand have to endorse OUR views. It's a one sided transaction, and if you see it any other way you're a maroon. If you truly believe that Rand and Ron are moral folk, you won't see a problem because you know THEIR beliefs aren't being compromised.

Quit flying off at the handle and calm down, for cripes sake.

Eric Hoffer