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We all

We all know Sarah Palin is an idiot. No one is saying for her to "represent" Rand Paul. Nowhere in the documentation is this in any way said.

What's happening below is widespread overreaction and imbalanced thinking. "I'M NEVER DONATING AGAIN! My Paul worldview is shattered!" over this is what happens when you don't take your meds in the morning.

Nothing "calm" about it. It's blatant overreaction based on nothing even resembling facts. If she wants to come out and stump for Rand, all the more power to her, maybe she's seeing the light, or maybe just hoping for some votes or donations by association. The fact is, it doesn't change Rand at all, and one more person speaking about Paul's beliefs is one more person. I don't care if Attila the Hun rises from the dead to give a stump speech for Rand, it'd help the cause.

Eric Hoffer