Comment: I REALLY don't believe you naysayers!

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I REALLY don't believe you naysayers!

Six months ago everyone here was racking their brains how to get exposure for Rand and how to get Establishment-type GOP Primary voters to even consider voting for Rand. Now that he's the frontrunner, getting positive press and leads in the fundraising race you guys are whining because he's doing exactly what you wanted him to out public figures that are well known and popular with voters.

We're working hard here in KY for Rand. I personally am grateful for all the moneybomb support he's received and I assure you I will do everything in my power to locally educate voters about Rand and get them to the polls. My question to you you want Rand to win?

If so, then understand that this is politics and have faith that Rand knows what he's doing because I do. In the ten years I've really been involved with GOP politics Rand's running the most disciplined campaign I've ever seen. And even with a large campaign war chest he's basically doing it on a shoestring with a small staff and an active volunteer base.

This is the point in the campaign where candidates shore up their credentials and support by cultivating relationships with other elected officials within the Party. Rand is doing that while Grayson is fading and his staff's comments to the media are getting desperate and panicky.

Trust me, Rand knows what he's doing and he's busting his chops campaigning all over KY. Instead of complaining be grateful that we've got a Constitutional Conservative candidate that can actually win this thing.