Comment: Getting into bed with Palin

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Getting into bed with Palin

Lets see we're getting upset about Rand getting into bed with Palin (isn't there a thread about how hot she looks on Newsweek currently?).

As I see it, she currently has no political position except as potential finger pointer-in-chief, a natural foil, to the annointed one. She has a National platform and an ok record on gun rights, shrinking government and is pro-life (walking the walk, even) to boot. The only person in National politics who this forums members truly respect has already endorsed his son. I have more faith in the Pauls having an effect on Palin than Paliln having on the Pauls (and that could be a good thing) (something about eggs in baskets).

She's got selfish motives on some level, Rand's daddy knows a lot of people willing to work for the country given the right motivation. Believe me, given her political bend she wants Rand's help in a couple years and getting him into the Senate is a good start!