Comment: Let me share a recent experience

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Let me share a recent experience

I attended a citizens town hall meeting of tea party groups in Toledo on 11/14. I signed up as a speaker with the intent to announce my interest in opposing Marcy Kaptur in Congress. I spoke about the need to adopt of philosophy of liberty and reject the use of the government as a management tool. Specifically, using the government to support one group plunders the success of others. Rousing support was received. I then suggested that the Republican Party was useful for its ballot status and nothing more and we as tea party members should take control of the Republican Party in this district as the Democrats have controlled Congress for over 50 years. Again rousing support. Questions from the audience were next and the first question was did I support the U.S. as a world policeman and did I support our wars in Iran and Afghanistan. When I said "Bring the troops home" and we could save a trillion dollars which would create an economic boom, I received enormous applause and cheering. The next question was did I believe in the global war on terror and when I said NO, I received moans and ahs. I added that what we were receiving was blowback and the moans continued. I remain baffled by this response and would be interested in receiving additional comments.