Comment: They thought you were blaming America for 9-11.

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They thought you were blaming America for 9-11.

The next question was did I believe in the global war on terror and when I said NO, I received moans and ahs. I added that what we were receiving was blowback and the moans continued. I remain baffled by this response and would be interested in receiving additional comments.

When Americans hear the word "blowback", they believe someone is trying to justify the actions of 9-11. They'll never believe that.
One of the problems is a misuse of the word "war". The terms "War on Poverty", "War on Drugs", "War on Terror" are misnomers Terror is a tactic, a war on a tactic makes no sense.
IMO there were three ways to deal with the perpetrators of 9-11.
1) The Criminal Justice System
2) War
3) A letter of Marque and Reprisal

The first was impractical since there was no way to extradite them.
The second was an overreaction, waging war against a country (Afghanistan) All that did was create more enemies. The Taliban had nothing to do with 9-11. Today the problem has been made greater with the whole Pashtun nation as the enemy. There are about 42 million of them. It makes no sense trying to solve a problem by making it larger.
As for the third way, a letter of marque and reprisal, Ron Paul introduved a bill in Congress that would have given the president the power to deal with the 9-11 people that way.
As I understand it third parties are hired to deal with those responsible. In modern parlance it's putting a contract out on them. So far 1.5 trillion dollars have been spent on the wars. A lot of proxies can be bought for that.
President Bush should have taken the attitude of the Israelis after the terror at the Munich Olympics where Israeli athletes were taken hostage and murdered. The Israelis hunted the murderers down and killed them
all, But it was politically impossible for the president to be patient. He had to do something quickly and it had to be seen by the American people. The result was the mess we have now.
It's still not to late to withdraw from the wars and use option three. JMO