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The reason it seems the only way out

for students is: decades of minimum wage legislation eliminated so many entry-level positions; and it's illegal to take someone on as an unpaid apprentice, though they have no usable skills.

Plus years of public school propaganda told them the only "worthwhile" jobs were white collar drone jobs working for corporations or the bureaucracy.

We have several generations that have no real knowledge of productive work, so they are helplessly dependent on the system. Of course today it's even worse because federal mismanagement of the economy has squandered and looted resources until businesses are broke and have to fire even productive employees.

The only way up is to get the parasite bureaucracy and its taxes and regulation off peoples' backs so individuals can create their own entry-level jobs. Small entrepreneurship can only flourish in freedom. the more managed an economy, only powerful corporations and special interests on the dole can survive.

The rest of us become wage slaves forever with no way out. If the State fails, as they always do, the people get sucked down with it.