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The reason why i don't think that is correct is because Stewart has interviewed the doctor at least partly understands his positions because he read End the Fed. He is trying to make the point that much of the tea parties and the recent resurgence of support for limited government, free markets, and the change in the language of Fox anchors to "opposition to tyranny" seems phony because it should have been started a long time ago.

Stewart is trying to say that he does not buy excuses such as the health care proposals, cap and trade, and 2nd amendment rights as to why the mentality has shifted so quickly. I am confused as to why Dobbs didn't bring up the bailout and the economic situation because that seems to be a stronger motivator for why people are protesting and why people like Beck have changed their tones in the last few months.

I think that Stewart makes a good point because by mentioning the doctor, he is pointing out that there have been people speaking out against this for a much longer time, whereas the run of the mill neocons populating a lot of these tea parties across the country really are fair-weather fans of the government and probably wouldn't be protesting if McCain had won and was enacting all of the exact same policies.

I wish Stewart would take off his blue team hat and realize that this type of behavior is also manifested by the phony blue team anti-war protesters that used to exist.