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Most seeds will not survive

Most seeds will not survive in wildfires, however, in the plains and grassy regions, some seeds do survive. (a natural adaptation)

Also, I dated a liberal democrat for a while. In the beginning we argued a lot about politics. That was my neoconservative bush phase.

Socialists and Constitutional Republicans can agree on some issues. Socialists do not believe in corporatism. You might agree on freedom of social issues with women and homosexuals. War and the American empire is another issue of agreement.

After that relationship ended, I always took a slow approach and made small comments, thoughtful comments that would make the girl think. You also need to understand that she is an individual and should not be an experiment or mission. Relationships should not be about politics, they should be about love, companionship, enjoyment, etc. Just have a good time, make her laugh.

Also, it may be good to have some disagreements on issues. It is a conversation starter. You could take her to a conservative event like a tea party or ron paul speech or go campaigning.

Goodluck dude!