Comment: Is part of this being made up...

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Is part of this being made up... response to people's questions about his ability to fire so many rounds and hit so many people?

This story seems suspiciously tailor-made with regard to that.

"Employees at the shooting range where Hasan practiced just two days before the massacre told investigators that Hasan purchased ten separate targets and fired more than 200 rounds with his newly purchased semi-automatic pistol.

After buying the gun in August from a Killeen store called Guns Galore, Hasan later returned to purchase 13 separate ammunition magazines capable of holding up to 30 bullets each.

Store employees told investigators that they became suspicious of Hasan's purchase of so many extra ammunition magazines. The employees said Hasan claimed he needed the extra magazines so he would not have to reload when he fired at the practice range."

It seems that if he was someone who might have wanted to act out regarding the war crimes confessions, it would have been worthy of printing earlier...before people expressed doubt in the official story because of the question of how he could fire so many rounds so freely.

This story is obviously aimed at people who have that question.

If this guy was itching to spill the beans about war crimes information he was receiving, could he have been killed because he was seen as a potential problem? ...a potential ~whistleblower~?