Comment: Just watch a lot

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Just watch a lot

of Glenn Beck, and Bill O.

Start everything you say with "Here's what you need to know America"

Or. you can do the Bill O approach and make "talking points" a separate entity, like the great oracle..
Bill O says........ "talking points says", and then spews his nonsense for his minions to gobble up. Kinda like that game show Family Feud, where the host yells
I'm sorry I don't have better answers for you. I wish I did. When I saw "talking points", this was all I could think of, and I thought I would try to inject some humor into this dark world we live in.
Best of luck in your endeavor.

PS..If your trying to persuade her into bed, then politics may be saved for much later down the road. I know....bad advice. Thinking with wrong head.