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Now you are going through

Now you are going through what i did a few years ago. When you get your mind wrapped around this the natural conclusion is to stop "paying", however when you see this monetary policy for what it is, in the past you never have paid paid a debt with a debt......

question: can a debt distinguish a debt? answer...NO!!! otherwise you could pay your bills with your bills? imagine sending your electric company your phone bill and telling them to keep the change, yet thats what we do with our federal reserve notes.

I dont think you should stop paying because if your just figuring this out, you have a lot more studying to do but are on the right track. when you stop they will discharge the debt and hire a third party debt collector to come after you. you can shut them down but you need to understand monetary policy and the fair debt collection practices act.
If it were me:
I would order a payoff, after i get the payoff, i would look to see if it had the disclaimer "this is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector" then i would use the fair debt collection to make the validate their claim, i also send the tax documents and ask them to fill them out so i can settle the case, they pretty much all go away and default. when you understand how it works its actually pretty easy.

Also do some reading about banking and the gaap principles, in basics, where ever a debt is, theres an offsetting asset. so anytime you get a debt, its evidence of a credit, since with a debt based currency the only thing you can ever do is offset the debt to get the books back to zero.

The courts work the same way, when they create orders.

Everything is about stealing peoples productive energy and its done through using this monetary policy as a diversion and people dont see there energy being sucked away more and more, every bill getting passed is about taking energy, thats what the bailout was, thats what health insurance bill is. get everyone to be the surety for the debt, however if they lay a debt on us and we claim the credit due on the account as our property and collapse the trust, its game over.....I hope more and more people start to understand this and start fighting the corrupt banking system and stop letting them steal your productive energy.

When you really get this, its makes you want to go get as many credit cards as you can and max them out, and then discharge them. After all it was always your money.

Im working on strategies of billing for consideration, lots of research but i should have some good answers soon.

You are in a small circle, very few people understand the monetary policy, even in the Ron Paul movement. Welcome to the peaceful revolution