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I think the point is if Hasan was a long time terror suspect... we are now being led to believe, how did he get clearance for something like this with these kinds of people?

From the article in the other thread (since this OP is missing the link):

"Do any of us wonder why President Bush would have a terrorist helping with his transitional policy? This put Hasan, under investigation for ties to Al Qaeda, at the heart of our government's counter-terrorist planning organization with full daily access to nearly all major leaders in Homeland Security, Defense, the FBI, CIA, NSA and other key agencies. He was one of them, along with representatives of conservative "think tanks" that advised the Bush Administration on a daily basis...

Below is a cutout from the membership roster of those advising the Bush Administration. You will note Hasan's name among some of the best known security experts in America. We were told he was an Army psychiatrist with severe psychological problems who belonged to a mosque run by terrorists."

"...Hasan's name stands out like a rapper at a Klan rally. It doesn't take a genius to believe that Hasan had friends in high places, and that, despite every imaginable reason to see he shouldn't even practice medicine, much less be in the American military or treat troops suffering from combat stress, he was placed among the most influential and powerful Americans."

(Just a note regarding the title of this thread- This article says it was Bush's transition team, not Obama's.)