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At a candidates forum today...

Trey sent out a press release before hand claiming Rand was for bringing these clowns up and trying them here. Of course Rand refuted this at the candidates forum and released this on his website.

After all of Trey's recent flub ups he's reaching deep just to try to find something ANYTHING on Rand. I guess he's going to try to claim somehow that Rand is pro-terrorist or something. Whatever.

Today I had a member of my local GOP Committee tell me that he feels Rand's going to win this race because he's simply outworking Trey and that his opinion is shared by several on the committee. This was a complete surprise to me as it was unsolicited and I felt certain that this individual was a Trey supporter. Thing is, I've been hearing the same thing from several other former Trey supporters recently.

Right now as much as anything else, Rand needs our prayers.