Comment: I'm willing to let this play

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I'm willing to let this play

I'm willing to let this play out some. I'd like to hear him talk about that stuff at length, and put some context to it.

He will always get the benefit of the doubt from me, till he proves he no longer deserves it.

From my own perspective, we're a longgg way from that.

Declaration of War. I agree with that. Without a declaration, we should not be anywhere. This will stop a lot of the policing. I'm on board with that.

Defense spending. Since one of the only true responsibilities of the federal government is providing for a common defense, I agree that it would be the largest part of the budget.

But if I combine that with what I know about the Paul's economic viewpoint, in their ideal world, federal budget for defense would be a lot less then it is now, because right now, we're just printing money, and spending untold amounts abroad. Spending on everything else should be even less then that.

So let's say 1 trillion a year for defense is what we are spending to maintain our empire right now.

That should be reduced to 333 billion. And that number should be 55% of the federal budget pie. Then everything else should fit in that last 45%.

I'm not trying to be accurate with the numbers, I'm just showing a scenario where the statement "the federal budget should be mostly spent on defense" is still meaningful.

He's not saying that he wants to spend what we spend right now on defense. And he's not saying that he wants to continue our empire around the globe.

I think quite the contrary. He's defining the role of the federal government. How much of the pie, defense should take federally, and how we should proceed when initiating hostilities. I.e. It should be according to the constitution ...a formal Declaration of War. Which has not happened since when? WW2?

The only troubling part is gitmo.

What guarantees are the government giving me, that someone innocent isn't locked up? The one thing I know about government is that it's never about ACTUAL results, it's always about PERCEIVED results. And don't rock the boat.

There are people that would lose their jobs if they didn't find someone to lock up and claim that they were terrorists. And those people work for the government. And that bothers the hell out of me.

If we are at war, then declare the war over, and send the prisoners back to their country.

If that's not possible. They should be tried and convicted and imprisoned here.