Comment: We fight amongst ourselves and the Establishment laughs...

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We fight amongst ourselves and the Establishment laughs...

So I guess some of Rand's supporters will just pick up their balls and go home because no one's playing the way they want to play.I guess you can moneybomb Conway or Mongiardo. The grasssroots support for Rand is what's got us to this point and now you're going to let an obvious divide and conquer hail mary pass throw us into turmoil and bickering? I don't believe it!

The election is 6 months away and Rand needs us all working our hardest for him whether you're in KY or not.. You do what you want but it's going to be a long cold winter here in KY and I'll be out there in the freezing cold knocking on doors, waving signs and doing everything I can to get this good man elected. We see this all the time in elections. Rand couldn't ride high the whole way. There's always days like today in every campaign but do the candidate's supporters quit? No. The double down. Does the candidate quit? Of course not. Is Rand quitting? HELL NO! But I guess some of you are.

I've never seen a group of people more ready to pack up and quit on a guy just because the opponent got his little jab in.