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Comment: Why? He's famous, but are

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Why? He's famous, but are

Why? He's famous, but are there any indication that he agrees with small government principles? For some reason, I always thought he was an anti free trade protectionist. I know him and Paul tend to reach much the same practical conclusions on immigration, but other than that, I simply don't see why how they fit together. Dobbs / Buchanan, or more likely Dobbs / Palin I can totally see, but Dobbs / Paul?

I'd much rather see Paul team up with Gary Johnson as a VP, as he's both younger than Dobbs (Which will matter, as RP will be old), and the two are much more consistently ideologically aligned. The two fill each other out in other ways as well, with RP being the sometimes principled almost to a fault philosopher/ideologue, and Johnson more of a "freedom works, so let's go do it" pragmatist. And, to top it off, they can go running and biking together. I somehow doubt Dobbs could keep up with either :)