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Thanks for your reply, trapfive.

As I said in another thread, I'd like some clarification on that.

If he is saying that if there is going to be war it should be declared the proper way, that is one thing, as in this part of his recent interview:

Washington Wire: Your father opposed the war in Iraq.
Paul: I would have voted no on the Iraq war and yes to Afghanistan. The main thing I say on war is that we need to obey the law and formally declare war.

But this part is troublesome:

Washington Wire: What should happen in Afghanistan?
Paul: I support a declaration of war in Afghanistan. We have to now determine what our mission is. It’s become somewhat murky.

Is he saying war declarations need to be done properly, or is he saying he wants war declared on Afghanistan?

We do not need war with Afghanistan, declared or not. We need to leave.