Comment: Glad I Was Broke

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Glad I Was Broke

I was only able to contribute $10 during the last fundraising period. I now regret giving anything. He won't see another cent from me or receive the benefits of my word of mouth. He seems to be every bit a crook and charlatan as the majority of Congress. What a sad day.

And for those of you who think I and others like me are overreacting, you should really think about the ramifications of his views. When one group is deemed fit to be removed from Constitutional protections, it's a sure thing that other groups can soon follow -- and likely will. It's the way our government works. Just as problematic, when a Congressman willfully acts in blatant disregard of the Constitution once (nothing explicitly or implicitly authorizes our federal government to ignore the restraints placed on its powers), the only reasonable assumption is that he will see fit to do so again.

I've had enough of that to last several lifetimes. Not in my name; not with my help. NEVER again!