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This, is the first thing

This, is the first thing Rand's said that I really disagree with. The fact is, with-out a trial we don't KNOW if they're terrorists or not.

If, after they've been determined to be terrorists, then I can agree that -- but they haven't yet.

You know what? This is a real minor issue.

He wants to bring the troops home from Iraq. He's opposed to the Patriot Act. He's a freaking DOVE compared to his opponent.
He's certainly miles more fiscally conservative then his opponent.

I know we all hate the lessor of two evils argument. But seriously. If Rand is only 1% evil, and Grayson is 85% evil, I'm going to root and support Rand Paul.

This is a very different race from typical ones where they're both about the same amount evil.

The other issue is that, Rand would actually force declarations of war, Rand would still filibuster the military conflicts that lead to these kinds of messes -- even if he DID support a war. What we do NOW with these people is only messy, because there was no official parameters of war that an actual declaration would have designated.

Rand needs our help.

WE need a person in the SENATE who will Filibuster all these bad bills.

Rand is miles and miles superior in ideology and determination then anybody else in the Senate. We need him!

And, because we need him, I'm sending him $100 on BOTH the Bailout Ball II (11th) and the 16th.


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