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Being percieved as anti military in Kentucky is the same as being seen as anti gun in Texas. You guys don't understand how conservative the state (Republicans) truly are. I mean the Southern Baptists Theological Seminary is in Kentucky. Rand is doing the best he can, and is having triple the success that Grayson is. But if you want to throw it all away over campaign strategy, so be it. Grayson won't mind, and neither will that Bush lackey Mitch McConnell. Way to cut your nose off to spite your face! All I'm saying is... think it through.

This is like 911 for Dr. Paul. Does he believe in false flag terror, Yes! Is he smart enough to not be seen as a 911 truth supporter in the public arena? You bet. Politics is a nasty buisness, it requires some compromise in speech if not action all the time. Besides actions speak louder than words...