Comment: Rand Paul is Wrong

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Rand Paul is Wrong

The great thing about Ron Paul is that he always sides with principles. You almost always know what position he will take on any issue.

Rand Paul has proven this is not true with him. I doubt many people on this forum expected this statement. We expect him to hold to his father's principles.

We did not expect him to sacrifice his principles for politics; that being the root of the problem we suffer.

Of course, maybe he didn't sacrifice his principles. Maybe this opinion lines up directly with how he thinks and we just didn't know it, blinded by the light that is his father.

Anyhow, I'm new to posting on thedailypaul even though I've been reading it steady since RP's presidential campaign.

You can read my full opinion on Rand's statement:

Any amount of browsing on that blog will provide proof that I've been following the liberty movement for a couple of years, so don't attack me simply because I'm new.