Comment: You people are acting childish and nieve!

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You people are acting childish and nieve!

It is absolutly foolish to stop supporting Rand because of over these comments! Who would you rather have GRAYSON? I see Rand as acting practical in a social conservative state like Kentucky. Just you try to get elected as a libertarian with 100% libertarian beliefs in a southern state like Kentucky. Good luck, because you would NEVER WIN! If I was Rand, I would be doing the same like he is, so I wouldn't look so extreme to mainstream Republican voters. You all have to face the fact. You're kind of political beliefs are in the MINORITY. Most people in this country(especially Kentucky) are NOT LIBERTARIAN! So YOU HAVE to go along with the mainstream if you want any sort of chance. There is nothing wrong with being principled, and it is possible to campaign a certain way, and vote the oppostite while you are in office(which is quite common btw) So you people need to get your heads screwed on right, becuase there will probably never be any other candadate with libertarian leanings running for Senator in Kentucky ever. I hate to break it to you all, but most people think libertarians are crazy, even though it's sad, it is considered radical by today's standards. Ron Paul never compromised his views when campaigning, but did that help win many votes? No, some things you have to give up if you want to win. So by all means, if you want to stop supporting Rand, than I guess your support goes to Grayson, since it seems like you all would perfer him now over Rand.