Comment: Call It What It Is

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Call It What It Is

Rand's opinion is UNFOUNDED, unless you believe he has intimate knowledge of each and every one who was kidnapped from all over the world, and tortured at Guantanimo.

This is the first time I have ever seen evidence Rand Paul is willing to sacrifice the rule of law and the constitution for the sake of his unfounded opinion.

Rand calls for a Declaration of War against Afghanistan. Either he sees the nation of Afghanistan as our enemy (with our elected puppet government), or he is shallowly straining for artificial justification (proper paperwork) eight years after the fact. Rand has not explained why he sees the nation of Afghanistan as an enemy, why he is calling for war.

If we Declare war against Afghanistan, we are at war with its government, we seek Afghanistan's surrender. Frankly, I can make no sense at all out of this call for war on Afghanistan.

IT IS WHAT IT IS. To excuse him, we can "strain at gnats and swallow camels". Or we can give Rand a fair chance to explain this shocking, seemingly upside-down series of statements.

My mind is open. Maybe there is some logic here. Rand certainly needs more than five sentences to educate us on his uncompromising positions here.