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Explanation from Campaign Manager

Rand Paul is  happy to refund your $500 if you feel he has "flip flopped" even though the law does not require it.  The original post was put on the "Draft Rand Paul" website by some enthusiasts before the campaign began.  The orginal post did not say that Rand Paul wanted to try the terrorists in the US but the Grayson campaign falsely asserted that it did.  The question of closing down GITMO  is a separate question. 
Rand Paul feels that more important than the location of the prison is whether or not we should be detaining anyone, anywhere without a judicial hearing. 
Rand Paul remains committed to his   opposition to fighting "undeclared" wars.  Rand Paul remains committed to the belief that we should not torture prisoners of war.  Rand Paul  remains committed to his belief that prisoners deserve trials and disposition not indefinite detention.
This current controversy, though, stems from whether or not prisoners of war should be treated identically to US Citizens.  Should we read Miranda rights to prisoners captured on the battlefield?  Should we release KSM because he was tortured?  There are reports that a great number of detainees at GITMO were  detained not on the battlefield but were turned in by competitors for their positions.  The US should not detain anyone indefinitely anywhere whether in the US or otherwise. 
While military tribunals may appear to some to be unjust, we currently try our own GI's in military court when they are accused of crimes such as rape and murder.  Military court provides legal representation for the accused.
Rand Paul is opposed to the policy of scooping up people from around the globe and holding them in indefinite detention.  Rand Paul believes that most of the detainees could have been tried, convicted, and or released long ago.  Those whom the military has deemed untriable, like the Uighurs, should be deported to where they were captured not relocated in the South Pacific.  Detainees who return to the battlefield and are captured should  be imprisoned in the country in which they are captured.
If you have other questions for Dr. Paul, please let us know.  If you still want a refund, let us know that also.
David Adams
Campaign manager
Rand Paul for U.S. Senate